No Regrets

Always take that next step

One of the things people most regret at the end of their lives is not making bolder choices. Unlock the key and overcome the obstacles holding you back with my coaching service.

We’re all storytellers. You might not know it yet.

When I was in the Royal Free hospital, recovering from my kidney operation, I needed to search for my story. I was releasing painkillers into my body every five minutes: the pain stabbed at my sides. Sleepy, I thought to myself, ‘why am I here, why have I chosen to donate my kidney, and what comes next?’

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Wearing a kipper

Why it might be time to tell your story

As well as providing career coaching and wellness coaching, I am now setting myself up to provide a ‘life story’ service. Put simply, I’m drawing on the extensive body of evidence that demonstrates that storytelling can be good for us. 

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