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South American sirens

It seemed there were millions of people in South America in this challenging position – of recycling scrap metal, be it transistor radios or chicken wire. And their already challenging situation got a lot worse as soon as lockdowns were imposed.

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The prisons we create for ourselves

I think there’s still some way to go until all the relevant authorities and agencies understand the psychology of men who fall victim to abuse – how stubborn and proud some can be, and how reluctant therefore, they can be reaching out to or responding to social services. 

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California dreaming

Trying to forget my stomach (for at least one afternoon), we headed further east to genteel Pasadena, where the stunning Huntington Botanical Gardens are located. With the handsome peak of San Antonio rising high into the distance, we needed at least a couple of hours to explore the sixteen themed gardens – and to walk off the Reuben and Skipper sandwiches.

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Travel teasers

Lviv’s locals joke about their city being the London of Ukraine. They are not referring to the cost of eating out. The city surprises you at every turn with its attractive restaurants, generously portioned dishes and reasonable prices. But to the rest of Ukraine, the city is known for its rain. A guidebook advised me to bring both my sunglasses and my umbrella, and in the event, I needed both.

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My new book and stories

I mostly draw on personal influences, among which mental health, queer identity, Jewish heritage and contemporary social history are the topics I’m most interested in writing about right now.

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