Let's take time to pause and reflect

In a world where we consume incredible amounts of information, take a pause. We all deserve space to reflect. That doesn’t mean being still, but it does mean having a time to reconnect to the things you love.

Good as Gold

He repeatedly gurgled, ‘Marieme, Marieme.’ And something about accara fritters and sosu kaani sauce.

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The tall avenues of nothing

I watch the scene at the top of the tall avenues: there’s nothing. Barcelona is a city of fiestas and insofar as it’s a city of siestas, the difference now is that the sleep people fall into is morose, immoderate.  

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The purples of Ronda

We discuss whether or not to distance ourselves from other tourists, without having the language to validate what in other times, would be labelled a prejudice.

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With a bit of perspective

Nothing seemed especially different that day, except perhaps the dissonance between the honeyed glow of the sun in people’s smiling faces and the intuition none of us could afford to be complacent.

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